Desert Agriculture

Providing end-to-end hydroponics systems that empower farmers to grow anywhere sustainably by using a fraction of the area and water.

Desert Agriculture is solving the desert kingdom’s food security challenge through innovative, sustainable hydroponics systems for food production. Designed even for our desert climate, our hydroponics system technology accelerates food production by growing crops in much higher yields, while using a fraction of resources such as land and water compared to traditional methods. As a subsidiary of Aljoaib Holdings, we draw on nearly 25 years experience in the agriculture industry to bring the latest technology to evolve with the needs of Saudi farmers.

Hydroponics Systems & Services

Desert Agriculture makes growing food a simple, costeffective process for farmers. Our turnkey automated hydroponics systems can accelerate the growing process of plants without soil, thereby decreasing the reliance on water and land area. We also provide training and O&M services to farmers to insure their technical needs are met and maximize their ROI.

  • Retrofit greenhouses with automated hydroponics systems
  • HydroFarms, design & construction of enclosed self-contained hydroponics systems
  • Yield and product quality control
  • Installation, training and O&M

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HEADQUARTERS Aljoaib Building, King Saud St. P.O.Box 9437, Dammam 31413, Saudi Arabia